An AdHitch puts savvy business owners and smart marketing professionals in the driving seat of their advertising. How? By using a revolutionary tri-visual advertising billboard; a device so clever, it mounts securely to the rear of your vehicle to give fellow motorists something interesting to look at.

This is advertising as easy as 1, 2, 3. Yes, three rotating messages set to your desired time settings. By day or illuminated at night, we want you to target your increasingly transient audience in the best possible way – and at an unbelievably low cost per impression. You will come to love congestion and other high-frequency locations.

You can also accessorise your AdHitch. For example, a mobile stand will allow you to take your sign to a trade show, positioned in front of your store or parked on your forecourt…in fact, let your imagination run wild.

AdHitch signs are now available to buy, or advertise on in the UK for this first time – and they mean business.